aguilar » hi princesa!! i'm checking your blog, see u later. has been a looooong time i know, there is much to talk!!!
leesabella » hi!i like your doll's cute..where did you get it from?
cuti3 » hey i lyk ur syt!!!! its mad jus dunt lyk ur barbie pict!!!!!
mike » hi
Spice » Hey! love ur web mostly ur Angle Sancuary pic! It is AWSOME! I have the first book and fell in love with it! Keep on with the images! ^_^
Bruna » Bye!
Bruna » I mean p;hl=en&lr=&lr=&start=140&sa=N
Bruna » Hi! Love your site. Verry...... Umm.. Never mind! Any old way have u ever heard of tokyo mew mew ? I bet u havent. It's like the greatest book collection in the world. Check it out on http://images.go
cindy » it haven't appeared in singapore yet is it???
cindy » may i know where to buy love celeb manga?someone please tell me?
Aguilar! » hi princesa!!! desde mexico Tqm, it has been long time without comunication, i hope you are ok!!
Siana » mmmmm Love Celeb~~~~~~
Keana » As to DN Angel & AS, I have all of DNA in Japanese but only untill volume 3 in english. I'm getting them as they come out. I have the 3 volumes of AS in english that is out so far.
Keana » Aloha Love MS, Yes I have read all of Kaikan Phrase (sensual Phrase) & Haou Airen in Japanese. I love Mayu Shinjos works.
Love MS » My friend GR is soooo...........JEALOUS that you have AS &DNA please tell him were you got the books: #4-6
Love MS » My friend wants to know how many volumes of Dna you have?& if have read Sensual Phrase.
Love MS » AS is a good story. And Set is a HOTTIE;0 droool.... but i also recomend Sesual Phrase is a Hot Book!!
gizela » thanks keana! i love Angel Sanctuary! it's my fav! thank you so much!
Luis Aguilar » princesa !!! me alegra tu sitio en internet...!!!!! recuerda TQM!!
Luis Aguilar » princesa !!! me alegra tu sitio en internet...!!!!! recuerda TQM!!
Catz » This looks GREAT Keana!! I love your blog!!!
Siana » Luff it! Luff it! Luff it
Lucio » Hey!I like your blog!Congrats!I hope more informations about "Les Bijoux".kisses....
gizela » hey keana! i just wented to know if you like Gackt songs. i do, he is soooooooo SEXY! YUM!
Pudding-chan » Thankies, crazychilli
CrazyChilli » Hey... CONGRATS!!! i love your layout .... and i hope u post a lot of new mangas for us.. * DROOL* forever... hehehe... kisses and hugz
Pudding-chan » Thankies,gizela i'm glad that you like it. Hope you come back soon.
gizela » WOW!great blog! i love anime! good work keana! kisses
Pudding-chan » Ah so empty. Need people to comment.